Fowey Harbour Heritage website

Design Web Consultancy is pleased to announce that we have been awarded the design and development of the Fowey Harbour Heritage Project website . The projects vision is to encourage a wider appreciation of the heritage of the harbour area by bringing together a wide range of local people and organisations to promote and sustain .. read more

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Google Low Search Volume Keywords Explained

Seeing the term “Low Search Volume” in Google Adwords has always intrigued me. Especially when my keyword analysis clearly shows the term is extremely relevant to my client (this is even more the case when its  PPC account for B2B and in running relevant Broad Match term and analysing them within Google Analyitcs via the .. read more

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Getting a website right – but getting the service wrong

Often during the process of SEO for online shopping website – other elements are discovered that show you can improve a sites search rank – drive many more visitors to the site – BUT unless the infrastructure is in place to allow for sensible degree of customer satisfaction – then your website will loose potential .. read more

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You get nothing for Free

Well – you can do on the web if you are prepared to put the effort in and increasingly I love lists I came across this excellent post this week about Free Content Management Systems (CMS) and which ones to consider. I was never a WordPress fan until I had my ears burnt about it .. read more

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Finally a Blog

After much delay we have finally got our new website up and running – and with it comes a much needed blog

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