Getting a website right – but getting the service wrong

Often during the process of SEO for online shopping website – other elements are discovered that show you can improve a sites search rank – drive many more visitors to the site – BUT unless the infrastructure is in place to allow for sensible degree of customer satisfaction – then your website will loose potential sales.

I recently have been the beneficiary of such as experience from a major player in retail – IKEA – below is a copy of an email I sent this morning to IKEA customer services (and to the UK CEO).

I visited the Ikea store in Bristol at the beginning of December last year

I had been told lots of horror stories of how busy and confusing it would be BUT – I loved it

My wife and I spent nearly 5 hours at the store and left with over £900 of goods – and lots of ideas for the future

When I got home I decided my old office desk (and peripherals) needed replacing and had already noted some of the items you had so on the 8th ordered

Order no  **********

And 7 days later they arrived – BUT – the corner table was very poorly packed and had been quite badly damaged.

I then spoke to online customer services and they agreed to dispatch a new one to be delivered on the 23rd Dec. I had already removed my old desk so I set up my new office equipment – including the badly damaged desk (I have pictures if required).

iSell No.    **********

On the 23rd I dismantled the 1st damaged desk and the new one turned up – in the same inadequate packaging as the other and – guess what – it was also damaged!
SO – the delivery driver then took back the 1st damaged one – and left me with the second damaged one.

After Xmas – (I did call before but was on hold for ages – so called again after Xmas) – and it was agreed to dispatch a third desk – this time with extra packaging – to be delivered on the 14th Jan – that’s over 6 weeks since the original purchase
iSell No.    **********

On the 14th I again dismantled my desk and at 2pm a driver arrived – but only to pick up the damaged 2nd desk – I checked to see if he had the new desk and he didn’t – so I refused for him to take the damaged 2nd desk – and called Ikea online AGAIN – and they said that the new desk was out for delivery on a separate van – and guess what – it never came.

SO I have had to put up the damaged 2nd desk AGAIN – and have no idea when I am to get my 3rd – hopefully non-faulty desk – so just to clarify as of this morning I STILL HAVE NO DESK!

I am very dissatisfied with this – having had such a great experience with the store – online has proved to be a disaster – I have spent lots of my own time tryong to get this sorted out – but and still desk-less.

I would be most interested in your thoughts

Of course from a purchasing POV – would I visit the store again – definitely – would I use the online store again – at the moment no.

This is a fatal error many companies make when developing an online presence – they often forget that the fulfilment aspect is as important – this could be not responding to an email, a form that is responded to, a brochure request is not responded to  – it all reflects – and whilst the IKEA shopping online experience was high quality – the dispatch & delivery, at the moment is extremely flawed.

Have you purchased online but been let down by the delivery of the products ordered?

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