Google Analytics “Fast access mode” issue

After much playing around I may have identified how the results are being complied and what “Fast access mode” means in terms of what is being displayed – It seems that April results are gone – and as from May 2nd the results are being added again – however if you select your dates from April 1st until May 7th it will simply quadruple your April results based on what happened in May

I have enclosed a couple of examples

Running a Match Search Query report on Google Analytics report on an Adgroup – in May I received correct results (I think!!)

But in April I got this

Whats interesting is that the phrases are the same – just the figures have been increased by the number of weeks

If this is the case and google are not going to fix this April’s figures are useless – and we are going to have to wait until May ends to see things get back to normal

I have contacted google and await a response

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  1. Richard Thomas
    May 10, 2011 at 10:27 am

    Have now had a reply for Google Adwords

    “We do understand you are not able to see the Matched Search Queries for
    your keywords and get the ‘Fast-access mode’ message. We are aware of some
    of our users facing issues with data in their reports.

    As of now, our engineers are working on resolving this issue, however, we
    cannot guarantee a time frame as to when it will be resolved. Please be
    patient while we work on resolving it.”

    Fingers crossed


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